Head of St. Stephen's choir school

Markus Göller

Markus Göller was born in Vienna and lives with his family in Perchtoldsdorf.

He studied church music, instrumental (vocal) pedagogy music education and instrumental music education at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. His dissertation on spiritual song and its significance in pilgrimage and popular piety was completed with distinction in 2017 at the Vienna Institute for Folk Music Research and Ethnomusicology.

Musical support to children and young people has been important to him since the beginning of his own musical activity. In this context, he is particularly committed to opening churches as places of musical encounters for music schools. In this way, the Vienna Cathedral Singing School guarantees musical education in a church environment characterized by mutual appreciation and professional pedagogical principles.

Markus sees a special role for church music in the promotion of singing and communal music making by people of all ages and considers giving the young generation a voice to be an indispensable aspect.

Markus Göller works professionally as a church musician in Perchtoldsdorf and Vienna, as a teacher at the Perchtoldsdorf high school, the Gumpoldskirchen music school and the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. He was a speaker during training weeks in the areas of youth voice training, new spiritual songs, folk songs and choral singing. He has played with the Arnold Schoenberg Choir, the Cappella Albertina Vienna, the Vienna Cathedral Music and the Church Music of St. Augustin in Perchtoldsdorf, among others. Radio broadcasts, publications, compositions, arrangements and concert activities round off his educational and artistic profile.

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