in the South Tower

A photograph of the ‘St. Stephen’ bell.
St. Stephen
A photograph of the ‘St. Leopold’ bell.
St. Leopold
A photograph of the ‘St. Christopher’ bell.
St. Christopher
A photograph of the ‘St. Leonard’ bell.
St. Leonard
A photograph of the ‘St. Joseph’ bell.
St. Joseph
A photograph of the ‘St. Peter Canisius’ bell.
St. Peter Canisius
A photograph of the ‘St. Pius X.’ bell.
St. Pius X.
A photograph of the ‘All Saints’ bell.
All Saints
A photograph of the ‘St. Clement Mary Hofbauer’ bell.
St. Clement Mary Hofbauer
A photograph of the ‘St. Michael’ bell.
St. Michael
A photograph of the ‘St. Tarcisius’ bell.
St. Tarcisius
A photograph of the ‘Primglöcklein’ bell.
A photograph of the ‘Uhrschälle’ bell.

Eleven bells in the South Tower

Until World War II, the old ‘Pummerin’, which was destroyed in the cathedral fire of 1945, hung in the belfry below the steeple room.

Since the new ‘Pummerin’ was installed in the dome of the unfinished north tower in 1957, the south tower had space for the 11 bells cast in 1960 by the Joseph Pfundner bell foundry in Vienna to create a festive sound. For structural reasons the belfry was moved lower down the tower.

The festive ringing was tuned to exactly complement the pitch of the ‘Pummerin’. It was rung for the first time on All Saints’ Day in 1960. Since then, the bells have rung together as a festive plenum or as ringing motifs in various combinations for almost all services throughout the year at St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The ringing order states when which bell sounds and for how long.

Festive bell ringing

Video recordings

1. St. Stephen

Pitch: G° + 11

Weight: 5,221.5 kg

Ø 198.7 cm

Cast in 1960

2. St. Leopold

Pitch: C‘ + 8

Weight: 2,193 kg

Ø 150.6 cm

Cast in 1960

3. St. Christopher

Pitch: E flat‘ + 13

Weight: 1,286 kg

Ø 125.7 cm

Cast in 1960

4. St. Leonard

Weight: 956 kg

Pitch: F‘ + 8

Ø 112 cm

Cast in 1960

5. St. Joseph

Weight: 593 kg

Pitch: G‘ + 12

Ø 100 cm

Cast in 1960

6. St. Peter Canisius

Pitch: B flat‘ + 11

Weight: 399 kg

Ø 86 cm

Cast in 1960

7. St. Pius X.

Pitch: C‘‘ + 8

Weight: 266.9 kg

Ø 75 cm

Cast in 1960

8. All Saints

Pitch: D‘‘ + 8

Weight: 261.4 kg

Ø 71 cm

Cast in 1960

9. St. Clement Mary Hofbauer

Pitch: F‘‘ + 11

Weight: 108.9 kg

Ø 56 cm

Cast in 1960

10. St. Michael

Pitch: A‘‘ + 9

Weight: 63.9 kg

Ø 45 cm

Cast in 1960

11. St. Tarcisius

Pitch: C‘‘‘ + 11

Weight: 44.4 kg

Ø 39 cm

Cast in 1960

The clockwork and its bells are located in the steeple of the South Tower

1. ‘Primglöcklein’

Rings on the quarter hour

Pitch: G‘‘

Weight: approx. 140 kg

Ø 60 cm

Cast in 1771 by Franz Joseph Scheichel in Vienna

2. ‘Uhrschälle’

Rings on the hour

Pitch: C sharp‘

Weight: approx. 1,500 kg

Ø 149 cm

Cast in 1449 by J. Straiffing & P. Obrecht